Dunhill cigarettesOfficially, 1907 is considered as the start-up date of the cigarette brand Dunhill. True, they appeared in the cigarette market this year.

But the owner of the brand Alfred Dunhill had then immediately made a bet on a respectable audience, namely the traditional British aristocracy and representatives of business City at the very beginning of the early twentieth century.

More precisely, these cigarettes supplemented the existing list of luxury accessories of the male style and a couple of classic attributes, which were essential for the London dandy of that period, namely pipes, cigars, and then cigarettes. Incidentally, the concept of this brand was almost never changed.

That is why even today the consumers of European cigarettes have strong associations of them with this “high” class and luxury, considering them as a bad habit, as an element of status, like a Swiss watch.

This is eloquently demonstrated by the fact that even in the USSR where the universal equality and brotherhood were proclaimed, a bright wide “red and gold” pack of Dunhill cigarettes could be afforded only by rich people who bought them from black marketeers against great sums of money!

In 1990ies, the brand had gone through the whole two “revolutionary” upheavals, beginning in 1991 a majority stake was acquired by Dunhill Rothmans, and already in the late ’90s, the brand harmoniously became the property of the British American Tobacco.

In the early 2000s, the trademark began to conquer foreign markets, but due to the fact that the “premium” class was quite expensive for some markets, manufacturers had decided to step a little from its main ideas back and “hastily rush” the slightly reduced price level by introducing a new product class – the “affordable super premium” cigarettes.

These cigarettes could occupy the market capacity intended for the middle-class cigarette consumers, and for more spectacular sales promotion, the company began to sell them only in a few, specially selected commodity networks.

But in spite of such seemingly radical changes, the brand was able to maintain its luxurious bouquet of taste and aroma. These features are based on strong, undiluted Virginia tobacco varieties, which are produced from tobacco leaves, and are complemented, by a variety of aromatic components.

The saturated, “solid” taste of these cigarettes is difficult to confuse with any other brand of tobacco and its smoke does not cause allergic reactions, even in people who are sensitive to odors.