I have smoked many different kinds of cigs since the new law has passed, whatever is cheapest. I am now able to afford L&M cigs. I don’t know if being cheaper gets them out of the law of being safe, but they are not. I have burns on me, my clothes, all my coats, my chairs, couch and anywhere where I may just happen to be smoking. What happens is towards the end of the cigarette, the cherry just falls of plain and simple leaving the butt of the cigarette showing. I have many, many, many witnesses to this. I do not move or flick it, it just falls where it may burn me and everything I am around! I want damage, pain and suffering compensation. The state of Oregon made a huge lawsuit for the people of Oregon regarding cigs and the damage they do. This may not be cancer, but it is damage, pain and blisters constantly which makes my job very painful.

I am a waitress and I take care of the elderly. People have had to shout at me at times, “Carrie, your cherry just fell off!”. I burn my fingers trying to pick it up to save a burn in a rented home, which I would have to pay for a burnt carpet or at times, it lands directly on and between my fingers not to mention, everything I own! Please guide me on getting compensation, they should not get away with this. The lawsuit and the new laws were for that. The new law says it must go out if not smoked quickly and by no means should the cherry fall off onto a couch or bed, where a fire can erupt very quickly from this! Help me with my rights and their right to compensate for damages directly caused by their product, if not, why are you around and why was there a lawsuit and the money not split between all smokers in Oregon for situations like this?

It doesn’t just have to be cancer, though I have coped from it now. I want a lawyer if need be on a contingency basis. Help me, I will keep posting what kind of help I’ll get from your agency so others know if you do help or just let us type into the abyss.

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