555 Cigarettes are a rich blond hazelnut tobacco aroma close to a famous American brand of cigarettes by its very similar taste punctuated by subtle notes for a very realistic tobacco composition.

The 555 Cigarettes, known simply as 555 were originally manufactured by the Ardath Tobacco Company. The rights to this 555 Cigarettes brand were acquired by British American Tobacco (BAT) in 1925. It was widely sold in Australia. Today this brand is still very popular in Australia.

555 Cigarettes sponsored motorsport. The 555 World Racing logos were seen on Rally cars from 1985 to 1987 and Subaru World Rally Championship cars from 1993 to 2004.

Subaru continued to use the 555 Cigarettes blue and yellow color scheme as the WRC livery until. In 1999, British American Racing originally wanted to paint Ricardo Zont’s car in 555 World Racing yellow and blue livery and Jacques Villeneuve’s car in Lucky Strike colors.

They decided to place the Lucky Strike branding on the left of the car and 555 World Racing on the right, with the zipper running down the middle of the nose. This was very unpopular and so for the 2000 season they decided to just display mostly Lucky Strike logos with little 555 World Racing logos on the side and on the nose.

A few years between 2000 and 2006 (after Honda bought out BAR and came under pressure to drop tobacco sponsorship under new EU legislation), they prominently introduced the 555 World Racing brand at the Grand Prix where the 555 Cigarettes brand is more known. However, from 2007 until their
departure at the end of 2008, Honda adopted a livery with no sponsorship logos, but with an image of the Earth to raise environmental awareness.

British American Tobacco is distinguished by its ability to target the middle class segment. According to statistics, the 555 Cigarettes brand is well-known in the current segment. Cigarettes are known for an unusual blend of noble tobaccos with an unforgettable aroma. These are cigarettes for businessmen, for business people who have achieved professional success. For entrepreneurs who want to highlight their status. Cigarettes are not cheap, so fraud is possible.

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