pallmall-bluePall Mall cigarettes are one of the oldest cigarettes brands. There are a number of legends, which are closely connected with the appearance of its name.

Some historians claim that the once popular game laid down the basis for the name, the main inventory of which was the ball and a special blade – palla and maleus.

Others believe that time itself dictated the birth of this very product. Whatever it was, this brand is unique in its kind. And for many years it always proves its superiority everywhere!

Others are convinced that Pall Mall cigarettes are named in honor of the eponymous London alley. Perhaps now none can ever know what these cigarettes were named after.

It is known for certain only that the first Pall Mall cigarettes appeared for sale in the late 19th century, in 1899 and Butler & Butler Company was the first owner of the brand.

At the very beginning, these cigarettes were positioned exclusively as premium cigarettes. Having existed quietly and peacefully till 1907, the brand came into possession of American Tobacco Company.

In an effort to attract as many new customers as possible to Pall Mall brand, the company bosses brought themselves to the unprecedented step – they invent new elongated size cigarettes (85mm) and call it the King Size.

This size is now considered a classic and standard one, but then combined in a new way into the tobacco pack, it allows puffing much easily and more enjoyable, this step made a bomb effect, instantly making Pall Mall cigarettes the most popular and irresistible.

But these cigarettes got the real popularity in the middle of the 60-ies, and the desire for experimentations helped once again.

This time, American Tobacco bosses decided to release a more prolonged version of cigarettes – 100 mm. Again there was witnessed a huge success, Pall Mall cigarettes became the most popular in the United States.

However, subsequently the popularity of this brand only fell. This occurred due to the fact that until 1987 Pall Mall cigarettes were unfiltered cigarettes, whereas competitors have long introduced them in their products.

At the moment, Pall Mall brand is owned by the world’s second tobacco company – British American Tobacco, and is one of the four best-selling cigarette companies.

This brand of cigarette will be appreciated by smokers due to the uniqueness and originality.

It has what other brands may not be able to provide – to sweep somebody off their feet, give such a novelty in flavor and smoking process, something so current and extraordinary in nature! Try and find out!