Drum cigarettes are a tobacco that was released in 1952. The Drum cigarettes brand has always been positioned as top cigarettes. Due to its good salesability and stable demand among buyers, the Drum cigarettes brand was bought by the British Tobacco company, a giant of the tobacco industry. And after half a century, it continues to be produced by this company.

Drum cigarettes are suitable as an option for everyday use. These cigarettes have a pleasant spicy aroma and a moderate taste. The manufacturer strictly adheres to the recipe and preparation technology, which is noticeable even from the packaging in a pouch. It is not pressed into briquettes, but packed in a crumbly form, due to which air circulates freely between the leaves. Thus, the mixture remains moist for a long time, while retaining the original taste of the dark Kentucky and light Virginia varieties.

Anyone who appreciates natural raw materials for their rich aroma and taste should buy Drum cigarettes. Fans of the brand consider its main advantages to be bright taste with a slight acidity and pronounced notes of dried fruits and smoked meats in the aroma. Drum cigarettes are a traditional tobacco blend. It includes in equal proportions: sweet Virginia leaf, smoked tobacco Kentucky. The manufacturer uses only natural raw materials of the highest quality.

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