kent_hd_futuraThe British American Tobacco (or shortly named as BAT) is one of these profoundly advanced market monsters and won this prominence first of all due to the quality of its products. Its product range includes such celebrated brands as Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Vogue, Viceroy, Dunhill, and so on. Kent is one of its best arrangements.

We would do well to discuss the Kent assortment its manufacturer advances this brand by consistently propelling new enhanced varieties of these cigarettes.

Give us a chance to discuss some of them:

Kent HD. This is a standout amongst the hugest developments showed up in 2014. The novelty comprises in the improved bundle and filter outlines. The standard charcoal filters of Kent cigarettes were supplanted with the taste-imaginative filters. These filters are contrasted from the past variants with the ability to self-store their shape amid the smoking.

Kent Nanotek. This is another sub-brand, which was presented in 2007. Its taste is as satisfying as that of conventional Kent cigarettes in spite of the fact that it is really another market segment. This cigarette variation likewise has an advanced filter. This sub-brand was recently bundled. Its crate has an uncommon cut set on its cover and can be effectively opened with one hand’s movement.

Kent Convertibles. This imaginative sub-brand is a flawless present for smokers. These cigarettes can undoubtedly give tobacco consumers a great taste alternative, which they need. A gentle taste can be supplanted with a rousing one. A smoker simply needs to press a filter with a slight movement and can then enjoy one unique taste.

Kent HDI. These are vogue cigarettes outfitted with interesting taste filters. These cigarettes are classifie as a premium assortment.

Kent HDs. These cigarettes are outlined with a thin string in the filter, keeping the fine cigarette taste during the smoke.

Presently, you see that these cigarettes are marketed in a wide range. You can discover any choice to your own taste. The matter is that you need to firstly arrange them.

We encourage you to place your request on the web. It is fast, straightforward and agreeable as you can order cigarettes without leaving your home.

Please follow this advice and do not miss a chance to order these cigarettes as soon as possible!