bond_classicMany consumers of Bond cigarettes see a clear connection of this cigarette brand with the legendary hero James Bond, the popular figure in the movie. Of course, these people are right, because this figure had the habit to smoke Bond cigarettes a lot during his trips and adventures. Bond cigarettes are peculiar for English roots, just exactly as the mentioned movie character. Bond cigarettes are the representation of wittiness fused with stylishness, forming the ideal image of a modern Englishman. Bond Street cigarette brand is characterized by a key position in tobacco sphere, where various branded products are offered. This demonstrates how demanded it is and what leading niche it successfully occupied during many years.

A product launched by Philip Morris, Bond cigarette is a premium brand that is especially demanded in over 50 countries. It is considered that the brand was primarily released in 1902, when King Albert, opened a tobacco boutique for trade at the Old Bond Street and named it just as the street of location. Bond cigarettes are mostly the very cigarettes produced for the middle stratum of society. They are rationally estimated and accordingly can be purchased by representatives of all groups. Bond cigarette clearly a special brand, a product of a premium quality and consequently they offer the opportunity to be tried by everyone everytime and everywhere. This is the reason why people don’t get confused with the prices, in some situations good but qualitative things must be at available prices.

These cigarettes are offered in many variants but generally they are for smokers who are intended to consume the properly selected high quality product. They are neither too intensive nor too soft, as described before, they are ideally selected. Their content is in good proportions. They are also very tasty to smoke with a tender and delicious taste. Many years ago Bond cigarettes were produced for grown-ups smokers, but the situation changed in the 90’s when the brand underwent some serious modifications or in order to describe it in a great detail were developed  quickly to select a much younger population as an object of attention. They were promoted as the required cigarettes for younger generation, which are light and are of the best quality.

In 2006, the producers added a premium version of brand called “Bond Street Special”. The new authentic product is presented in three different varieties and exactly: Mild (lights), the Rich (with the installed filter), and Fine (super lights). As it is wide-spread, light and super light cigarettes comprise a comparatively low volume of nicotine and tar. Thus, they are not so toxic for the body.

The restless way of life transforms Bond cigarettes into a perfect partnet for the rest of the life. Nowadays, the incredible taste is always so close to you.