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Electronic cigarettes aka e cigarettes are devices that deliver nicotine in vapor form to users via a simple battery powered system. Electronic cigarettes look like real cigarettes, and some even have an illuminated tip! The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes promote the devices as alternatives to conventional cigarettes and as smoking cessation tools.

What’s the point of electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes were created to provide smokers with another tool to help wean them off tobacco products and eventually stop smoking. Nicotine is the main addictive component in tobacco. So, just like the nicotine patch and nicotine gum, electronic cigarettes should satisfy smokers’ cravings and allow them to stop using tobacco products, which contain many toxins and cancer causing chemicals in addition to nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes might theoretically prove more effective than other forms of nicotine replacement because they more closely mimic the act of smoking, and thus serve as a more lifelike substitute. However, although research has shown that electronic cigarettes can help people stop smoking, there haven’t been any head to head comparisons with other forms of nicotine replacement in large populations.

So electronic cigarettes are a good thing, right?

Not so fast. The FDA highlights the following safety concerns with regard to electronic cigarettes

  • Electronic cigarettes have been associated with dry cough, and mouth and throat irritation.
  • Electronic cigarettes may reduce lung function according to some studies, although other studies haven’t found a substantial effect.
  • After analyzing the delivery cartridges in electronic cigarettes, the FDA found amounts of at least two well known cancer causing chemicals.
  • Electronic cigarettes can cause a large rise in the blood level of nicotine, and nicotine isn’t entirely harmless besides being addictive, it can raise the heart rate and blood pressure and damage small blood vessels, such as the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart.
  • No study has yet adequately assessed the long term safety of electronic cigarettes.

Are there other concerns about electronic cigarettes?

Yes. The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes market them to young people, putting them at risk for developing a nicotine addiction that could lead to eventual tobacco use. Electronic cigarettes are produced in a variety of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mint that are meant to appeal to adolescents. Currently, electronic cigarettes can be sold without age restrictions, and they don’t require warning labels.

What if I use electronic cigarettes only recreationally?

We discourage everyone particularly young people from using electronic cigarettes as a recreational drug. We don’t know their long term safety, and nicotine addiction is a real concern.

So what’s the best option if I want to quit smoking?

If you want to stop smoking, there are alternatives whose efficacy and side effects are better understood. These range from forms of nicotine replacement, to prescription medications, to interventions such as behavioral therapy. If you’re having trouble quitting smoking on your own, talk to your primary care physician, who will be delighted to help you sort through the alternatives and come up with a plan that best suits your needs.

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Electronic cigarette alternatives for the chain smokers

Smokers are reporting plain packaged cigarettes taste worse than branded – abc perth – australian broadcasting corporation

(Before It’s News)

United States of America, 17 April 2014 Smoking has many bad effects on the human body and it is important for people to look for alternatives for this. People who are into smoking try out different processes and products but don t get proper solution. It is always good to consult experts and professional companies that can provide them with healthier products for their requirements. One of those companies that has been providing people various vaporizers and e cigarette options is Electronic cigarette outlet.

The electronic cigarettes have been there in the markets for more than three years now. Many people have used them and have found them to be a good substitute to the harmful cigarettes. These devices are cleverly made and provide the chain smokers relief without harming their body. In many cases these devices have also helped people in getting rid of their smoking habit. One of those products that are in good demand are the atomizers, Electronic cigarette outlet provides various electronic cigarette Ego atomizers. These products are cost effective and come in innovative designs. While buying these products one needs to make a good research and have a look at all the products available. This will help them in getting products according to their requirements also get value for money.

The electronic cigarettes available these days taste similar to tobacco but don t have any intoxicants. This allows the smokers to stay free from inhaling any kind of dangerous toxins. The electronic kit has atomizer and is battery operated. They even create a vapour similar to smoke and provide similar pleasure to the smoker. The electronic cigarette E liquid is used for the electronic cigarette and does not contain any harmful substance. These equipment can also be operated in winter and would act as a great help for the general smoker. Previously the people standing near the smoker used to face huge irritation due to the smoke of cigarettes but with the advent of the electronic cigarettes the people near the smoker would be free from such irritation.

This can be called as a sociable way of smoking and also avoid all kinds of embarrassment that the smokers used to face. There have been many negative effects due to cigarette smoking but with the new innovative equipment like e cigarette can breathe a sigh of relief as they can find a nice alternative in the form of these electronic cigarettes. There are different elements like the carcinogens that have been causing huge problems for the smokers but the electronic cigarettes don t contain these harmful substances and one can expect to use them freely.

About Electronic cigarette outlet

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Electronic cigarette outlook is a company that has been manufacturing electronic cigarettes and atomizers that help the regular smokers get relieve from the harmful effects of smoking. There many e liquid accessories and electronic cigarette kit available in this online platform. One can have a look at these products online on the above mentioned website.