If you want to smoke the Rothmans cigarettes, you will find a characteristic tobacco aroma with high nicotine content. The high-quality Rothmans cigarettes contain a carefully matched tobacco blend. The high quality standards of the Rothmans King Size filter cigarette are known worldwide due to the excellent smoking properties. Rothman’s International Blend cigarettes are suitable for the discerning smoker who appreciates rich smoking pleasure and a strong, spicy taste.

‎There is no country in the world where Rothmans cigarettes are not sold. This tobacco brand has a rather long history, which began in one thousand nine hundred and fifty-two years. Rothmans cigarettes were created as an intermediate version of cigarettes between cheap and expensive brands of cigarettes. That is, Rothmans cigarettes are somewhat more expensive than conventional cigarettes and at the same time quite an affordable tobacco product. The same can be said about the quality of Rothmans cigarette tobacco. It is much higher than that of cheap cigarettes and is quite comparable to the quality of tobacco of expensive brands.‎

‎Despite the long history of cigarettes, Rothmans trying to remain unchanged classics, did not change too much, as it happens with cheaper brands of cigarettes. Currently, Rothmans cigarettes are available in two versions: Rothmans Filter Tipped and Rothmans Special Mild. The differences between these two variants of Rothmans cigarettes are quite large. So if Rothmans Filter Tipped cigarettes have a tar and nicotine content of twelve and one milligram, respectively, then in Rothmans Special Mild this ratio is eight and six tenths, respectively.‎

Rothmans cigarettes are quite affordable, but at the same time have the sophistication and elegance of premium segment cigarettes. Their taste consistently continues the tradition of English tobacco smoking. Moderation, refinement, appropriateness – such qualities can be safely attributed to the dominant characteristics of the brand.

Rothmans King Size CigarettesToday on the market there are two varieties of cigarettes Rothmans. These are Rothmans King Size and Rothmans Special Mild. Rothmans King Size contains 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine and offers the consumer a fairly strong taste of classic high-grade tobacco.