chesterfield cigarettesChesterfield cigarettes is one of the oldest and most popular brands both in the United States of America and in the rest of the civilized world. Today, this brand of cigarettes is owned by Philip Morris International. This tobacco brand was initially launched by Drummond Tobacco in 1876 and named to the honor of one of the counties in Virginia.

After that, these American cigarettes became the property of larger companies. As a result of these multiple transitions, the composition of cigarettes and tobacco blends as well as the pack appearance were almost completely changed. At the same time, the concept of this brand advertising was entirely changed.

Nevertheless, despite all the numerous changes in the middle of the twentieth century, this tobacco brand still managed to gain immense popularity in the market.

The company sponsored a lot of competitions and events; a great number of celebrities of the time were filmed in its advertisement. Since then, the strongest modification of this cigarette brand happened relatively recently, just a few years ago, in 2008. At this moment, the design of the cigarettes packaging was sufficiently changed. Side colors were selected with indicating the strength of cigarettes. In other words, every cigarette’ strength corresponds to a certain side color.

In addition, the text of the company brand is to be written on three sides of the package. And finally, the company decided to change the name of each individual taste. Previously known as Chesterfield Filter Cigarettes, the cigarettes were called since Chesterfield Classic Red. The medium strength Chesterfield Lights Cigarettes had been renamed and their production was launched under the title “Chesterfield Classic Blue”. Well, the lightest tobacco product called as the Chesterfield Ultra Lights Cigarettes became known to customers under the name of Chesterfield Classic Bronze.

On the other hand, despite the rather serious re-branding, all of these cigarettes were still recognizable among the other brands, but at the same time began to look more beautiful and solid.

However, truly high-quality brands of American cigarettes are still popular now, since many decades after the overwhelming success of these cigarettes marketing. And the secret is simple!

High-value articles are always demanded and preferred, no matter how many years passed after their first market presentation.

Quality is the best guarantee!