Rothmans cigarettes have celebrated their 40th birthday in 2020. For 40 years, the brand has become popular in many countries around the world and has significantly expanded its product line. Today in stores, you can buy classic, flavored and slim cigarettes of this brand. And you can buy them as discount cigarettes.

The common advantages of all items are:

• the highest quality raw materials,
• rich taste and aroma of selected tobacco,
• affordable price.

Want to try something new? Order Rothmans Demi with a capsule as discount cigarettes. It will allow you to turn a classic cigarette into a flavored one with one click. You can enjoy the aroma of selected tobacco without additives or appreciate how it combines with the smell of ripe melon.

Rothmans Superslims Click are slim, elegant cigarettes with a capsule and filter. Each of them contains 5 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine. This means that the products have a medium strength. In the composition – high quality raw tobacco, dried in a natural way. Thanks to this, it is possible to preserve the maximum taste and aroma of tobacco, which is appreciated by lovers of the classics. You can buy Rothmans Superslims Click as discount cigarettes wholesale and retail by placing an order on our website.

The owner of the Rothmans otP brand is British American Tobacco, which manufactures more than 200 brands of tobacco products around the world. You can buy Rotmans Superslim Click cigarettes as discount cigarettes. We supply goods by wholesale and retail.

Long, thin white cigarettes are housed in a tough, oblong blue pack that fits comfortably in the hand. The name of the Rothmans brand is depicted on its surface. New generation filters on cigarettes of this brand do not deform or get wet. Special tobacco paper prevents smoke from staying on skin, hair and clothing for a long time.

Cigarettes are easy to smoke. The smoldering process produces an average amount of smoke.

To buy Rothmans Superslims Click wholesale or retail as discount cigarettes, place an order on the company’s website or contact the manager. We promptly process applications and organize fast delivery.

We sell Rothmans cigarettes at retail and wholesale. To find out more about the terms of cooperation, call the specified phone number.

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