A survey of 2 thousand smokers in the UK showed that 11 percent of them want to quit, but make no effort to do so. 82 percent tried, but they failed to make their plans and continue to buy discount cigarettes on online stores. Interestingly, half of the respondents would like to hide this habit from their mothers and do not say that they spend their money to buy discount cigarettes. And only in 44 percent of cases, people would like to hide it from their fathers. Next on this list are the partners and children. (26 percent, and 20 percent, respectively).

37 percent of smokers are ashamed of what they smoke, 32 percent of them want their relatives not to worry about their health, and 22 percent are concerned about the constantly rising prices of tobacco as they have still not got the idea to buy discount cigarettes in web shops.
But the social issues that are so much favored by the article writers … Let us now deal with these figures … As I see it is not normal. You know what … The struggle of each of the governing heads of state against smoking eventually leads to. People start to quit smoking??? Oh, no way – people begin to hide that they are smoking, ashamed, as if they are running naked down the street. What is the result…?

The goal is not achieved, people continue to smoke, but at the same time the state hurts them in the form of stress – shame, hiding their habits from the public, unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking under the pressure of these measures and again stress … There is a good reason … And everyone understands that such control measures will not lead to anything in t same time pretend to fight, causing stress to people and getting more for it royalties. To eliminate any factor requires its elimination, i.e. the closure of tobacco factories … And since this does not happen, then this whole struggle is a fiction.

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