Rothmans Blue cigarettes are made by the legendary manufacturer British American Tobacco. The products have a perforation ring, a dense acetate mouthpiece and a filter, which allow you to obtain a balanced tobacco taste. The aroma is quite rich and strong. Tart classic notes of tobacco are well traced in the taste when you order them as discount cigarettes online.

You can buy Rothmans Blue cigarettes, manufactured in accordance with top-quality standards as discount cigarettes online. Wholesale and retail orders are available to get discount cigarettes online.

The production of products takes place under strict control. The main share of raw materials for Rotmans Blue is high-quality tobacco, the leaves of which are subjected to long-term fermentation. All this allows you to maximize the rich taste and aroma of premium tobacco in Rothmans cigarettes.

The cigarettes are packed in solid square boxes with a blue insert and the Rothmans brand name.

Rothmans Silver is a simplified version of Rothmans Blue cigarettes. The tar content in them reaches 4 mg, nicotine – 0.4 mg per cigarette. The composition contains high-quality tobacco, processed using safe methods, without the use of substances and flavors hazardous to health. Despite the lightness, these tobacco products allow you to feel the aroma and smell of quality tobacco without foreign tastes and aromas.

The Rothmans brand, known since 1952, is owned by British American Tobacco. It produces about 200 types of cigarettes. You can buy Rotmans Silver as discount cigarettes online. We supply products wholesale and retail.

Cigarettes have a medium density acetate fiber filter, which reduces the amount of resin entering the body. There are silvery lines on the filter surface. Rotmans Gray tobacco products are housed in classic, sharp-angled, silver-colored packets with a laconic design, on the surface of which the name of the Rothmans brand is depicted.

The entire production process of Rothmans Silver tobacco products is under strict control. Raw materials are processed with safe formulations in order to obtain a quality product at the output that retains all the fullness of taste and aroma.

You can buy Rothmans Silver cigarettes wholesale or retail by placing an order on the website or by contacting a company representative at the specified number.

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