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I’ve tried both and I really cant smoke the foreign blend of Marlboro Lights. It has a weird burn on my throat and just tastes harsher.

I friend who works for a us embassy got me a 10 cartons (that’s the min buy amount) from Switzerland for $150 but that was two years ago and I still have 8 cartons left! How bad is that?

Anyone else have an opinion of American brands but foreign blends? #2 (permalink) 11 05 2008, 11 12 AM Eddie H Member Join Date Nov 2008 Location United States Posts 74 Rep Power 13 European VS American Made Cigarettes

The marlboros are all pretty much the same to me. Some of the other foreign brands are very much stronger that domestic brands #3 (permalink) 01 12 2009, 11 43 AM Petr 4 Senior Member Join Date Jan 2009 Location Greece(Macedonia) Posts 115 Rep Power 17

I live in Greece. All the EU cigarettes can’t compared with the US made last 10 years. The Nazi EU force us to smoke light cigarettes(maximum tar level 10),don’t allow to grow european tobacco,so companies takes from third world.
Also RJR sold Camel,Winston,Salem e.g. to Japan Tobacco and that company changed the quality,Philip Morris makes rubbish tasteless cigarettes into the EU,Brown and Williamson is dead,the same Rothmans inc.,Atlandis,and Gallagher which bought by BAT and changed the cigarettes blend recipe.
Small tobacco companies closed,only the Karelia Inc still lives.

I don’t like any cigarette in the Greek market. Used to smoke Camels until 2002 when JT changed the blend. 2002 2006 Dunhill’s, BAT changed and them so i smoke George Karelias and Sons
When i am in Germany i smoke “Orienta” an excellent cigarette. In the UK i prefer Sobranie Black Russian and Tor and in the US Camel Turkish and Lucky Strike #4 (permalink) 01 12 2009, 11 51 AM barfly Member Join Date Sep 2008 Location USA Posts 151 Rep Power 21

Welcome Petr 4, its nice to hear from smokers from foreign lands that are not trying to spam the forum. We welcome you. The brands you just mentioned are all in the database of cigreviews. Please, go there and write a review for the Sobranies and the GK and Sons and the others you mentioned. Just click on the cigreviews logo at the top of this page and you will see the cigreviews site. Again, welcome to you. #5 (permalink) 01 12 2009, 11 59 AM Petr 4 Senior Member Join Date Jan 2009 Location Greece(Macedonia) Posts 115 Rep Power 17

Hello, i am new in forum, not in CigReviews. I had reviews for that brands long time ago. #6 (permalink) 01 14 2009, 12 41 AM Eddie H Member Join Date Nov 2008 Location United States Posts 74 Rep Power 13

Welcome Petr 4, I saw your review at cigreviews for the Sobranie Black Russian smokes. I looked those up at “cigpedia”. The packaging looks cool. I have never seen those though in any of the tobacco shops I go to. If I see them, I will try based on your review. #7 (permalink) 01 14 2009, 06 39 AM Petr 4 Senior Member Join Date Jan 2009 Location Greece(Macedonia) Posts 115 Rep Power 17

I am not sure if they are available in the States. Before some years was. Sobranie is a cigarette you can find only in limited areas and really expensive (12E/pack 16$),a smoking experience you should try at least once. Made in the UK by Gallagher limited a part of JT inc.

European union approves tough rules on electronic cigarettes – democratic underground

Mevius – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The European Parliament on Wednesday approved rules that will for the first time regulate Europe s fast growing market for electronic cigarettes.

Beginning in mid 2016, advertising for e cigarettes is to be banned in the 28 nations of the European Union, as it already is for ordinary tobacco products. E cigarettes will be required to carry health warnings, and must be childproof. The amount of nicotine will be limited to 20 milligrams per milliliter, similar to ordinary cigarettes.

The e cigarette regulation was part of an overhaul of European Union tobacco law that Parliament, meeting in Strasbourg, France, voted overwhelmingly to adopt, by a margin of 500 63, with 60 abstentions.

The rules adopted on Wednesday go further than United States laws, by requiring that the top 65 percent of all cigarette packs be covered with health warnings and warning pictures of things like diseased lungs. They ban all cigarette themed products that are specifically aimed at children, like chocolate cigarettes, and cigarettes that come in packages designed to look like lipstick or perfume containers. Menthol cigarettes are also to be prohibited, after a four year delay.

Good news.