That it took eleven (11) producers to execute this piece of drivel is a colossal waste of human time and energy, as well as money. I recommend they go back to finish their high school degrees. Based on the maturity level of this script, surely these people are barely into puberty. The only thing missing from this movie, to make it a true music video, is strategic product placement and gyrating naked women. A quintessential MTV production, it is a vacuous and borderline moronic paean to the youthful pursuit of coupling. As an aside, I note that the cinematic chroniclers of modern history seem to think that each decade is defined by its obsession with having sex. The 50’s were apparently all about “innocent” sex. The 60’s were about “free” love/sex. The 70’s about “kinky” sex. The 80’s about “deadly” sex. Other than war, is there any other activity in which human beings seem to participate with so much passion? Back to this story … it is New Year’s Eve 1981 in New York City, as we follow a series near adults detour toward their respective roads to the same house party. Their only goal is to find a date, either before the party, during it or after. To think the rest of the world, at this very same time in history, was worried about the implosion of the Middle East and Africa, the AIDS epidemic, environmental decay and global warming, just to name a few minor problems. Anyway, the private party is hosted by Monica (Martha Plimpton), a totally annoying whiner whose low self esteem is rivalled only by her neurotic self absorption. Working their way toward her apartment are Val (Gaby Hoffmann) and Stephie (Christina Ricci), two gum chewing, nasal talking louts who couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag. Then there’s Lucy (Courtney Love) who secretly pines for Kevin (Paul Rudd) who carries on endlessly about his recent break up with girlfriend Ellie (Janeane Garofalo). Cindy (Kate Hudson) is an indecisive, accident prone giggler (much like her mother, the equally irritating Goldie Hawn) who thinks she’s falling in love with Jack (Jay Mohr), the simpleton to whom she recently donated her virginity. Kaitlyn (Angela Featherstone) and Bridget (Nicole Parker) are girls who just wanna get laid, so they pursue anything with a “y” chromosome including the bartender (Ben Affleck), the cab driver (David Chappelle) and their hostess’ ex boyfriend Eric (Brian McCardie). Tom (Casey Affleck) and Dave (Guillermo D&iacute az) round out this group of losers, as two punk rockers in search of true love. That’s it. That’s all. Bored yet? It took all of my willpower, motivated primarily by the desire not to waste my video rental fee, to sit through this piece of garbage. And finally, there are three people in this movie that really should have known better. There’s a cameo by brilliant murder mystery writer Caleb Carr. What were you thinking?! Elvis Costello actually lends his name, fame and body to the d nouement. And my advice to Janeane Garofalo? Fire your agent!

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Parliaments are one of few brands of cigarettes on the mainstream market to feature a recessed paper filter. Marketing campaigns by Philip Morris stated that the filter was designed to prevent tar from making contact with the smoker’s mouth, thus making them lower in tar content as well as enhancing flavor. 2

U.S. Varieties edit

Parliaments are sold in the following varieties

  • Blue Pack (Full Flavor) Kings Box
  • White Pack (Lights) Kings Soft and Box
  • White Pack (Lights) 100’s Soft and Box
  • Silver Pack (Ultra Lights) Kings Box

Menthol edit

  • Green Pack (Menthol Full Flavor) Kings Box
  • White Pack (Menthol Lights) Kings & 100’s Box
  • Silver Pack (Menthol Ultra Lights) Kings Box

Market edit

Parliament make up 1.7% of Philip Morris sales, in contrast to the corporation’s leading seller, Marlboro, which represent 41.1% of Philip Morris sales. 5 6 Actor Charlie Sheen appeared in ads for Parliament in the 1990s. 7

See also edit

  • Nicotine
  • Tobacco smoking
  • Altria (Formerly Philip Morris)

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