kent_hd_futuraKent was released in March, 1952 by American company well-known as Lorillard. The cigarettes reached only 70 mm and were costly cigarettes in a generally delicate pack of 1950’s peculiar for America.

The brand got its name after Herbert Kent – organization administrator from that period. Filtering systems were initially utilized as a part of Kents that year. British American Tobacco is the proprietor of the brand presently which introduces such cigarettes as Pall Mall, Lucky Strike, Viceroy, Dunhill, State Express 555, Kent, Rothmans, Peter Stuyvesant, Benson and Hedges, Winfield, John Players and Kool.

Kent Convertibles were new fags that were presented for Eastern Europe advertise in 2010. Their filtering system is half-charcoal and half – acetic acid derivation part with case that contains invigorating taste components.

So it means, you simply push the filter to break the case inside, and change over your lights to menthols. Additionally, recently the producing company chose to stop manufacturing such versions as Kent Surround Neo, Kent Surround Futura, and Kent Mintek. Kent cigarettes are the well known brand that has bunches of fans in numerous markets.

Kent cigarettes quality doesn’t have any analogs in tobacco advertise. It is elite in its embodiment. It is insufficient to say that Kent brand is famous for its premium class tobacco, energizing taste and smooth flavor. Additionally it has an extraordinary filter that, as it is said, is more secure for smokers’ wellbeing than in some other cigarettes.

Kent cigarettes are sold to the smokers in more than 70 tobacco markets all around the world. The present proprietor of Kent cigarettes is British American Tobacco. One of the most grounded elements of Kent cigarette of all times is its progressed advanced filtering system. Kent cigarettes are still promoted as gentle and simple to smoke.

So the procedure of smoking for smoking believers is a basic for indefensible joy and delight. The most unmistakable element that demonstrates Kent cigarettes uniqueness is the lower composition of nicotine and tar.

The makers of the given tobacco mark deliberately went to making of this exceptional smoking item. What can be superior to anything than time-tried quality?

For our situation the time has tried nature of smoking items. By smoking such items, the smoker doesn’t need any questions towards quality. So this applies to Kent cigarettes.

Running with the times, researching new thoughts, advancements which seem to appear day by day on the planet, Kent cigarettes producers began to extend the variety as well as the outline. Slim cigarettes are the straight affirmation to this. Their innovative and a- la- mode appearance has as of now vanquished numerous hearts.

Notwithstanding the way that Kent cigarettes are adequately costly, still you have probability to get it at markdown cost because of our online tobacco store, requesting one of various sorts of Kent cigarettes, so you can encounter the best one for you.