Backwoods cigarettes brand appeared in the late 80s, and it belongs to Atladis USA Inc. The company itself has more than a century of history of creating tobacco products. It is not surprising that Backwoods cigarettes are almost a world standard and are in the TOP sales. Distinctive features of the Backwoods cigarettes of this brand: availability, excellent taste, wide aromas / blends. Backwoods cigarettes brand became extremely wide-known in 2000s, when the popularity of various tobacco items sharply increased in our country. The peak of popularity fell in the period from 2007 to 2013 – the heyday of any alternative ways of using tobacco. However, the demand for this brand has not died out to this day. Backwoods cigarettes are sold in more than 100 countries around the world and are very popular both among true gourmets and among tobacco lovers.

These Backwoods cigarettes look somewhat unusual: they are deliberately carelessly twisted, expand towards the end and have torn edges. Their shape is stylized as cigars, which were smoked by the heroes of Westerns of the 60s. The original look, mild taste, one hundred percent tobacco and practical packaging – these are the secrets of the popularity of Backwoods cigarettes. Their sweet aroma is so strong that it seems that the hermetically sealed package does not interfere with it.

Backwoods cigarettes have firmly established the status of quality and inexpensive tobacco products for every day. Machine-made Backwoods cigarettes are an excellent choice for the thrifty lovers of quality tobacco. Backwoods cigarettes are packed in a special hermetic container, which allows you to preserve all the taste and aroma of great tobacco. Excellent v will make you a company or become an excellent gift!

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