Some new tastes have appeared in the IQOS line of sticks, such as the aromas of IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks and as long as they are not sold in retail stores everywhere, they can be bought at IQOS sales offices and, even more advantageously, in the best online shops like the ours.
The taste of IQOS HEETS Bronze is the taste of chocolate, or more precisely, cocoa. This taste is even special and light, but consumers feel it right away.
The stick itself is also no different from the others, except, of course, the colors of the traditional three stripes on the filter of the stick itself. IQOS HEETS Bronze has a brown color, which can be dark or light.

The stick is also packed with glued tobacco strips.
And if you smoke IQOS, then we advise you to try the new IQOS HEETS Bronze taste, you will definitely like it with its delicate cocoa flavor.

What is the best way to smoke IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks?

For a prevalent taste, endeavor to diminish the speed. Make an effort not to overheat the channel.

Do whatever it takes not to be stunned by the irregular taste or hack, you will get familiar with the more sultry smoke.

How to smoke IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks to get more smoke?

Blow the sharp edge holder before use;

IQOS should be cleaned reliably, preferably after every usage. Be especially mindful of the base of the radiator holder.

The instance of IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks is isolated into two compartments – an empty space is fitting for used bars in places where there is no ashtray. You can meet Heetray some spot;

While acquiring IQOS HEETS Bronze sticks, reliably demand the principal consecutive number and assertion of acquirement, in spite of the way that you never again need to contact the organization center.

For all the fundamental data, contact the online store where you obtained sticks for IQOS on the web.

In our online shop, you will reliably get each and every fundamental datum to support the usage of IQOS.