Parliament CigarettesParliament means a charming aroma of the night.

Today, the tobacco items of the Parliament brand are exceptionally popular, which are produced by the Philip Morris company.

The Parliament cigarettes were initially introduced in 1931 year, and they are currently known as the filter-based mouthpiece cigarettes. At first, a paper filter was utilized as an advertising trick. In the 50s, filtered cigarettes had turned out to be typical. And the Parliaments were purchased up for a special filter mouthpiece, which essentially lessens harms when smoking, contrasted with other filters.

The assortments of Parliament cigarettes include:

The American Parliament cigarettes:

Parliament Full Flavor (Strong)

Parliament White Pack (Light)

Parliament Silver Pack (Super Light)

Parliament Premium Edition (Lights)

Parliament White Soft Pack (soft pack)

Parliament White Pack 100’S (100 mm).

The European Parliament cigarettes:

Parliament Night Blue (the blue of nightfall)

Parliament Aqua (blue water)

Parliament Silver Blue (silver blue)

Parliament Super Slims (dainty)

Parliament Carat (blue).

The color of the rectangle on the package conforms to the grouping of nicotine and tar in cigarettes. Notwithstanding its famous filter mouthpiece, the glorious Parliament cigarettes are recognized by their sharp, capturing flavor.

During the long history of manufacturing company, its staff developed numerous innovations and special standards of tobacco products and the Parliament cigarette are the best evidence of that. A wide range of advancements and promoting efforts, top notch items and the right evaluating approach add to the way that this brand is always in the number of top-spots in worldwide tobacco markets.

The Parliament brand solidly keeps up its position in Argentina, Japan, Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. People comprehend the Parliament cigarettes in various ways, but each approach and each comprehension are strictly individual.

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