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So, we offer them the best tobacco items that hit the market since a long time. We give them the cigarettes that come from exotic countries. So are Karelia cigarettes. This is the brand of cigarettes, originating from Greece, that keeps good traditions of Ellinic taste. Their aroma reminds them of the ambrosia that was drunk by Old Greek gods. Well, Greek smokers say that they are like that mythical drink.

The company that manufactures them (George Karelias and Sons) appeared in the nineteenth century, but the cigarettes were released at the very end of the twentieth century. But the long experience has a great impact on smokers. Exactly saying, it enables the producer to find a short path to the hearts of smokers. That is the secret of the success of Karelia cigarettes. Therefore, Karelia cigarettes are now booming in different countries of the world.

What are Karelia cigarettes?

Karelia cigarettes are made from the natural ingredients only; they are unique because smokers will not inhale either chemical additives or added liquids. Just some natural grasses can be added into the blend. Just pure tobacco is smoked in these Karelia cigarettes. These cigarettes are pretty light, are aromatic. These cigarettes are good for both young and “old-time” smokers. The line of Karelia cigarettes includes menthol cigarettes as well. For smokers, it means very much because the menthol cigarette production is constantly restricted. But the smokers who want to enjoy a cool summer taste will always be able to order Karelia cigarettes in our webstore and have summer days even during the winter.