Iqos heatsticks cigarettes have been improved, the quality of heating elements has improved, and some devices are more compact. However, the design of the Heats Stick has not changed, and manufacturers do not feel the need to change it, except to add more flavors.

Visually, the iqos heatsticks cigarettes are divided into a filter and a tobacco “capsule,” but the design is somewhat more complex. The tobacco-filled portion is followed by a cavity to cool the smoke before inhalation.

Next is a cooling “plug,” which the manufacturer claims helps cool, retain, and soften the tobacco vapor through the acetate material. The filter is made of the same material used in cigarettes.

What kind of plastic film is used on iqos heatsticks cigarettes? Why is this necessary? At first, you might think that Heats are made of ordinary plastic, which is resistant to high temperatures. But it is actually a safe biopolymer material made from corn starch and lactic acid. This film is essential for optimal humidity and temperature control during smoke inhalation.

What are the ingredients of the iqos heatsticks cigarettes? The big question is what are the ingredients of the tobacco stick? It has long been proven that tobacco is used in tobacco sticks, but tobacco is processed using a special technique. Tobacco powder is mixed with glycerin and propylene glycol, and when the tobacco comes in contact with a heating element, it does not burn, but releases heat to form vapor. The mixed tobacco powder is poured into special cans and pressed to produce thin sheets of tobacco “paper”. The tobacco is cut by a special machine and packaged into sticks.

Discover a new dimension of smoking pleasure with iqos heatsticks cigarettes. What areiqos heatsticks cigarettes? Iqos heatsticks cigarettes deliver a unique taste and impeccable quality with every smoke, while minimizing exposure to harmful substances.

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