kool_mentholSmoking can become a passion, a passion that can provoke any smoker to taste different brand in order to find the one and only one suitable for you and your smoking needs. And here comes the turn of Kool cigarettes to surprise you with excellent quality and unbelievable smoking sensations.

KOOL cigarettes are a brand of menthol cigarettes, and are currently produced by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. For the first time these cigarettes appeared in 1933, and that fact intensively diversified the market.

Originally presented as unfiltered cigarettes, the traditional product was of small size, the filtered 85 mm king-size versions were later added to the list, and Kool cigarettes with filter gained popularity in the 1960s.

Kool cigarettes have long been a symbol of nobility and impassive dignity. These cigarettes are distinguished by a strong, but not sharp flavor and each puff will give you a lasting impression.

For a long time, this great trademark was distributed only in America, but now smokers worldwide can enjoy these cigarettes.

So it is quite clear that the ggenerosity of American aromatic Kool cigarettes is felt in every breath. Strong enough, but not sharp, tobacco grown and mixed in a special process known only to the manufacturer, makes the brand unique.

The bright taste of American Kool cigarettes is very much appreciated in the US, but any devoted smokers can now have the opportunity to buy and appreciate it.

Kool cigarettes can truly be called one of those brands that symbolize the American tobacco industry.

They were the first menthol cigarettes among those cigarettes offered in the US, so very soon they got a very rapid spread.

This brand held the leading position until 2000, and 2 options were the most popular – 85 (appeared earlier) and 100 mm in length.

Kool cigarettes were not always distinguished only by mint flavor, but also by the highest quality, which is achieved by using a mixture of several varieties of tobacco.

Since 2004, the company changed citizenship, which helped to expand consumer markets. Today, Kool cigarettes are consumed in China, Argentina, Russia, Japan, throughout Europe and in several other countries.

And the packaging remained unchanged for a long time, but at the turn of 20-21 centuries, it was completely redesigned and modernized.

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