marlboro_filterThe mostly consumed cigarettes are those of the trademark Marlboro. The value of this cigarette brand excludes any kind of rivalry. This is a pattern of liberty and recklessnees for all people, regardless of their age. The flavor of this cigarette brand is quite different from everything you have ever tried.

The cigarettes of Marlboro trademark are are an unsual article that made an amazing effect on smokers globally. This is a fact confirmed by the top sale ranks worldwide, the statistics, which cannot be denied. These cigarettes are manufactured in the United States by the company Philip Morris USA, this is filial of Altria Tobacco Company family and by Philip Morris International, and another filial located outside the United States.

The Marlboro cigarettes are highly promoted by the Marlboro Man described and comprehended as an American ideal figure. The manufacturing company tries to promote their products by means of this cowboy as this is a figure, symbolizing a real guy of America, a figure associated with the true American spirit. The Marlboro Man has been approved for using in advertising of Marlboro cigarettes while picturing it on the cigarette packaging, in newspapers, magazines, on showcases, advertisement boards since approximately fifty years.

The advertisements were not so widespread before the Marlboro man appeared firstly. These cigarettes were not always marketed under the cowboy figure. After appearance in 1920, these cigarettes were originally promoted as the ladies brand, being accompanied with the motto “Mild like May.” Such promotion was fortunate before the second world war II (lasting from 1939 till 1945). At that time, volume ranks were at bottom and it caused the extraction of Marlboro cigarettes from the sales. These cigarettes had a comeback in 1950s after publishing an issue that became a trouble reason to the cigarette manufacturers. According to that issue, all researches confirmed that the cigarette smoke was a cause of cancer. People were troubled as a sudden supposed threat to their health had unexpectedly appeared. They were cared about their health state. Then an opinion was told that the Marlboro-brand cigarettes equipped with filters can be less periculous for smokers. There was but a controversy that filters were considered as a female accessory, many men thought they would look out silly with filters in the lips.

The controversy was resolved after one large-scale research carried out by the marketing bureau from Chicago named The Leo Burnett Company. That bureau had to promote Marlboro cigarettes in the way to let men see them as attractive pieces. Primarily, men were surprised with pictures of tattoo-covered guys pictured on advertisements with Marlboro cigarettes in their hands. Those pictured adverticements showed men of various professions: firefighters, policemen, cowboys, workers. Preference was given to the cowboy as multiple consumer replies confirmed that this figure was especially attractive to the public. Since 1957, the cowboy became the symbol of Marlboro cigarettes.