The online sales are conquering consumers worldwide and countrywide. Smokers also tend to order cigarettes online because online shops let them order and pay for cigarettes conveniently. Except, online shops advise the best cigarette brands. We follow up the trend, placing articles about the brands of cigarettes, which are marketed by us.

Kent cigarettes were released in 1952 by the Lorillard Company located in the United States. These were originally long (70 mm) and expensive cigarettes, which were sold in soft packs. Such packs were trendy in the United States in the 50s of the twentieth century. The brand name was taken after the Lorillard founder who was Mr. Herbert Kent.

Initially, the sales of cigarettes were mainly promoted in the US territory. But the sales expansions happened. One interesting thing was remarked. In some countries, Kent cigarettes were even used as a payment tool. For instance, the owner of some packs of Kent cigarettes could offer several packs against a land plot or even engage workers who worked to smoke some Kent cigarettes. The price of Kent cigarettes was pretty high then, only rich people could usually order them.

Everything has changed after the appearance of online trading. Do you exactly know what the online trading is? It includes the electronic purchase or sale of goods through online services or via the Internet, mobile commerce, electronic funds transfers, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems and automated data collection systems. Our online store has adopted it to promote Kent cigarettes.

What are Kent cigarettes?

This brand is stated among the top ten cigarette brands. It appeared in 1952 and could quickly conquer the hearts of smokers. An important thing is that these are filtered cigarettes. Filtered cigarette versions are much more important than unfiltered cigarettes. Because they are much safer. When filtering cigarette smokes, any by-additives are removed from the cigarette smoke. A smoker inhales the smoke of pure tobacco only. No chemical additives. In principle, Kent cigarettes do not have them. But the paper wrapper can cause a by-mixture to the tobacco when burning. Thus, a filter is necessary to remove these mixtures.