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Due to a recent price increase, we have changed suppliers to keep prices cheap and to offer the most reliable, on time shipping of any online cigarette vendor. We are backed by our 100% Guarantee. Priority Air Mail Shipping & Handling is only $2.00 per carton

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2) Return of paid sum by crediting your credit card.

If the order has already been mailed (we will notify you by e mail when you request cancellation), you must decline the order when it arrives. Once we have received the returned parcel, we will credit your credit card.

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Marlboro online » marlboro silver

La could ban e-cigarettes

Considering the smokers’ interest in low nicotine and tar products, Marlboro has launched the production of Marlboro Silver cigarettes. Previously they were marketed in USA as Marlboro Ultra Lights however in order to comply with new regulations prescribed by FDA in 2010, Phillip Morris had to re brand all Marlboro cigarettes including Marlboro Ultra Lights as well. Philip Morris International and other cigarette makers switched to a color coded system, selling what were Marlboro Lights as Marlboro Gold for the coloring on the packs. Ultra Lights were reborn as Marlboro Silver in many places.

Marlboro Silver can be distinguished as premium cigarette of choice for the social smokers who don’t fully inhale and don’t crave a regular nicotine dosage. These are stylish cigarettes favored by teenage girls and social smokers because they are not as addictive. Marlboro Silver comes in a silver box and has less nicotine and tar content. It tastes really smooth too, but heavy smokers call it a fake.

It has never been so easy before to buy Marlboro cigarettes online. There are a lot of websites offering various payment options and worldwide delivery. The prices for Marlboro online are really cheap! Just remember that Internet is full of scams so be careful while choosing your online cigarette store. First try to find as many feedbacks and reviews as possible.