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Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Depute cigars technically are light to medium in strength, but they’re more full bodied and full flavored than other cigars in the Hoyo de Monterrey line. These come in a box of 25. Hoyo de Moneterrey Petit Robustos never fail to shower you in deliciously guilty pleasure. Enjoy with a morning cup of coffee or have one after dinner as you read the paper. The sweet flavor is amazingly delicious and the easy draw makes smoking Panter Mignon Sweet Cigarillo cigarillos one of the smartest things you can do. Impress your friends when you pull one from the tin. They look good and the aroma is wonderful. Sampler includes 1 of each of the following Avo XO Allegro Natural, Avo XO Intermezzo Natural, Avo XO Maestoso Natural, Avo XO Notturno Natural, Avo XO Preludio Natural, Avo XO Presto Natural, Avo XO Serenata Naturalo XO lines. Arturo Fuente Curly Head Deluxe natural cigars are a big favorite for their mild taste made with a blend of Dominican tobaccos finished in a rustic Cameroon wrapper, this is a smooth, nutty tasting, and very aromatic cigar. Arturo Fuente Cubanito is more than just the finest smoking enjoyment a cigar lover can experience, it represents Four Generations of family tradition, that include love, pride, and personal sacrifices. After working countless hours in cigar factories and testing every cigar under the sun, its creator (Sam Leccia) found that most blends require some burn time prior to offering the true flavors and aromas of the tobaccos at play. Therefore, Sam worked with the Oliva factory to develop a choice series of blends using short but thick vitolas creating a family of satisfying cigars that requires no lead time.

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