cigarettes onlineA French smoking manner (Irish Waterfall) is one of the most important tricks that are used to smoke, so, a dense cloud of smoke can occur from the mouth into the nose. Once this smoking method is used, you will have to practice; you will have to make this trick easily. If you want to know how to do it next time, just follow the tips below.

Take a deep smoke from your cigarette, but without inhaling. That’s the main trick. Hold the smoke in the mouth, but do not let the smoke get into the lungs, move the lower jaw and tongue. Inhale as much as possible, but do not overdo.

Some may reciprocate the smoke from one cheek to the other, or simply inflate only the cheeks, before proceeding to the next step. Once you are ready with the trick, you can get a better idea of ​​what you like.

Open your mouth slowly. Let the smoke out slowly and evenly. When you exhale too quickly, the smoke comes out at once, then you will not be able to inhale it by the nose. Do not breathe out the smoke as you normally do, wait there until it emanates from the mouth.

Lower the lower lip. Once your lips are slightly parted, it is necessary to lower the lower lip as if you have prognathism.

Let the smoke with his tongue off. Thus the smoke is thick; simply move the tongue forward from the back of the mouth. Thus, the smoke will be moved easier and released as a thick cloud away. Try to make the smoke move upward with the tongue, do not forward it in front of you as you normally breathe.

Inhale the smoke through your nose. Once you have the feeling that the smoke reaches the nose, begin to gently breathe with your nose. Inhale slowly, so you can escape getting any unpleasant sensations. Release the smoke from the mouth, so that it flows directly into the nose. The smoke will move back from the mouth directly into the throat.

Make it until the smoke completely comes out of the mouth. If it is too difficult, it is possible to omit the rest of the smoke from the mouth. Then try it all again.

Such smoking is stylish and allows identifying an experienced smoker. If you do it pretty sure, such a flue way will not remain unnoticed by others.

Smoking is a kind of your intercommunication with your surrounding. If you smoke in a stylish way, the others will pay attention to your manners and consider you as a special person.

It will become a key to your success in both professional and personal areas.

And it will be, by the way, a method to attract an opposite gender to your personality.

cigarettes online