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The history of the Rothmans cigarettes brand begins with the opening of a small tobacco kiosk on Fleet Street in 1890. The founder of the brand, Louis Rothman, chose this particular street, as it housed publishing houses and editorial offices of newspapers and magazines. The first buyers were local journalists and reporters. Rothmans cigarettes quickly gained fame and became popular not only among reporters, but also among aristocrats.

By 1905, Louis Rothman had become the official tobacco supplier of both the English and Spanish royal courts. And in 1905, a special Royal Permit was granted by King Edward VII. In 1906, Rothman creates the first menthol cigarette by placing menthol crystals in the ends of the cigarette. After the death of the founder of the brand in 1926, the development of the brand was continued by Rothman’s son Sydney. Under the leadership of Sydney, in addition to six operating stores in London, in 1927 the first store outside London was opened in Liverpool. In 1929, the Rothmans brand was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

By 1935, the Rothmans brand had dealerships in Hull, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge. Outside the UK, there was a representative office in Cuba and even its own factory in Sri Lanka. During World War II, Rothmans was the official supplier of tobacco to the British troops. Direct deliveries, flexible prices: we invite you to cooperate on an ongoing basis. Our company sells and delivers Rothmans cigarettes. Every client is important to us.